Friday, January 21, 2011

Keepin' Up least TRYING to keep up! Oh goodness it has been quite a busy past couple weeks! Right now, Kaylan and Dylan are BOTH sick! We already had a well-check appointment today for Kaylan's (past due) 18-month well check and Dylan's 9-month well check. Other than both of them having the common cold, they both checked out great! Big Boy Dylan is in the 97th percentile of his age as far as overall size (weight and height) and Little Miss Kaylan is in the 75th percentile for size.
Kaylan's teeth are really pushing through now, which I attribute that to being one of the crazy culprits of these past two weeks. That, along with both the babies being sick sure has wreaked havoc on my and Eric's sleep. She had two teeth on the bottom and about three or four on top poking through. The ones on top never came through all the way until just recently, and since then she has had one more come through on the bottom and another one peeking through. I'm pretty sure a molar is coming in as well, her back left gum is really swollen and tender, and every time I massage it with my finger she almost goes into a trance! For the longest time I wondered why the teeth on the top only poked through a little bit, then I got to thinking, it could have something to do with the whole milk somehow. After she no longer needed formula, I would buy organic whole milk with DHA. But, after about six months, at $3.60 per half gallon, it was difficult for us to keep it in the fridge because we kept running out. So, for a little while, Kaylan drank 2% milk. It wasn't until the New Year I finally got back into buying whole milk for her (just regular, non organic) because I really didn't want her to develop an iron deficiency. It seems as though as soon as she started back drinking whole milk, her teeth started sprouting immediately! Maybe the whole milk had a little something to do with that, or it could be coincidence. All I know is she has 7 teeth now, soon to be 8 or even 9 if that molar comes in, then we will be nearly halfway done with teething. Oh, I wish I could just get her up in the morning and she would have a full set of teeth! She's so miserable when she's teething, who wouldn't be? Thankfully we get a few teeth with each round of teething instead of just one or two at a time!
Dylan is getting around pretty quickly lately! He still won't get up on all fours to crawl but he is pulling his weight around pretty good army-style! He still hasn't sat himself up yet except for the one time while he was in his crib, yeah, that was scary! Mostly because it wasn't something I expected him to do. He has though, managed to pull himself up to his knees to get to the toy bar on the rocking chair. That was really cool! We've been practicing standing him up and trying to teach him the concept of walking, but he's pretty happy with just standing and jumping up and down. So glad we have the excersaucer because my arms get tired pretty quickly holding that big boy up! I can't believe that in just two more months (plus a week or two) we will be celebrating Dylan's first birthday! I guess I need to get planning on a party! I'll add that to my infinite list of things to do!
It's so astounding at how busy my life has gotten now that Eric and I have two kids. Sometimes, it's downright saddening. One day, while the babies were supposed to be napping instead of screaming and crying, I laid there in my bed and asked myself "what was I thinking?". But, in all reality, we didn't really have a choice in the matter. I guess a bit of that PPD (post-partum depression) is sticking around and rearing it's ugly head. The best thing I've found that I can do is pray, count my blessings, and sometimes scream into a pillow whenever I have one of "those" days. Being a Mommy is by far the toughest job I've ever had. But, it pays well, considering kisses, smiles and watching my babies dance are proper forms of payment. Haha! In that case, I'm pretty wealthy!
There is always something to be done. Always a diaper to be changed, a meal to be fixed and fed, a cry to be soothed. Then, somewhere in between all those things, lessons have to be taught (verbal stimulation, lessons on sharing, obeying, etc.), laundry has to be done, bills need to be paid, and...oh yeah, did I brush my teeth this morning? I miss the DETAILS! It seems as though everything is just in one big heaping pile, not just the laundry and the bills, but EVERYTHING! Everyone keeps telling me that it will get easier once the babies get a little bit older, can I get that in writing? Here lately I can't help but wonder if it will ever get easier! I'm at least thankful that we've got our two children and we can start moving forward. Two and THROUGH!!!!
Everyone have a wonderful weekend and a great week to follow! I'll check back later this month or early February! Oh, and I'll update the Shutterfly site with photos by the end of January. I plan to keep it updated each month.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the New Year! 2011!!!

Yay! My first post of the new year! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I am sorry that I never really made a Christmas post, but I'll be glad to share with you how our Christmas and New Year's Day was, along with a quick and easy cookie recipe.

Christmas Day was a whirlwind here in our household! It was so much fun though! Even though my head was spinning in a dozen different directions, it was such a blast! Kay and Duy both were a bit cranky to start the morning. Even though there was a cool new play area (in place of where our dining area used to be) along with gifts begging to be unwrapped, I think it may have been a little too much stimulation all at once. It may be that they don't respond to change very well right off the bat, who knows? For some reason, while I sat with the babies and told them about how Santa visited to eat our cookies and bring gifts, Eric decided to load the dishwasher. I finally convinced him to come down and join us! Guy wasn't into unwrapping the presents like Kay was last year. He would pull off one piece of paper then wave it up and down and not let go of it! Kay lost her touch a bit since her birthday and last year's Christmas. She quickly got the hang of it once we went over to Eric's parents house for our Christmas dinner, haha. She had a technique down that if she ripped the paper one good time and it was a plain box, she didn't want to unwrap anymore of that gift. But, if it were a fun toy, then she would remove the rest of the paper, haha. Since we had an early dinner with the grands that day (it ran right at the same time as the babies' nap time) the babies went without a nap, just a little catnap during the ride back home. For both of them not to have their nap, they did pretty great during the evening.

New Year's Eve, we didn't plan anything, but we were invited to a friends house for burgers and cheap fireworks. We decided to go but knew we wouldn't be able to stay til midnight, due to the fact that the kids would need to go to bed before then and their house wasn't set up with baby/toddler-friendly sleeping accomodations. We only have one pack-n-play, but even still, if we had two, Kay would not be down for us putting her to bed in a different environment. We enjoyed great food, cooked by my Eric! It seems like no matter where we go, if someone wants to grill, he is the designated grill master! And we all had a good time talking, watching movies, and watching the kids play. Our friends, Hanna and Herschel had their son, Grant with them. Kay and Guy lasted up until about 9:30, that's when we got them in their pj's before we left and began loading everyone up. Once we got home, we got a few chores done around the house (supposedly it's bad luck to do housework on New Year's Day?) so we would have clean dishes and fresh laundry the next day. By 11, we were in bed. I know, lame, right? That's been a tradition here these past two or three years. The last time I watched the ball drop was when I was pregnant with Kay. Hopefully by next year, we'll do better with the whole ringing in the New Year thing. Seeing as how we decided to go to the party at the last minute, I didn't want to go empty-handed, so I made some cookies using a quick and super easy recipe. Here goes:

Unbelievably Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Stir all ingredients together until it forms to a light dough. Pinch off dough and roll into balls, place on cookie sheet. Using a fork, press criss-cross pattern on top of each dough ball. Bake for 10-12 minutes in 350 degree oven.
Since these cookies are flourless they will not brown until they are about to burn, so don't wait for them to brown ;)

New Years Day was generally uneventful. Not such a bad thing I guess. The babies slept great during the night, only, it would have been nice if they were to have slept later since they went to bed later. Eric went to the gun range while I stayed home with the babes, that kinda bummed me out a bit, but he deserves his down time with his friends. I honestly can't say much for Saturday, it was a low key, semi-relaxing day.

One thing is for sure, I have lots of hopes for this New Year. I can't believe we will be celebrating Guy's first birthday in just three more months!!! Last year was a pretty challenging year, and we are hoping to take steps forward now and get on track with everything. From our house, to our finances, we intend to get more organized all around. Trim the fat where it needs to be trimmed, and not have anymore stockpiles of crap laying around. Between both sets of my grandparents, it's in my blood to accumulate STUFF! I've also gotten a calender to help me better organize our time and days and to help with developing a cleaning schedule. Let's hope we stay on track with our resolution! Eric is determined to start eating better (not so much of my sweets anymore, boo) and being more active. Maybe that means less gaming time? Yeah, we'll see about that! I don't mind offering up some of my support for him if he can provide the same support for me :)

Happy New Year everyone! May this be a great year and better years to come!