Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Odds & Ends

I'm not too sure of a more proper post title for all the randomness that is about to take place here. "Odds & Ends" is what came to mind first, so here goes...
Kay will be graduating to a big-girl bed very soon! Mommy is getting tired of hoisting her over the crib rail so it's time to move on and let go of one of the last pieces of her babyhood.
We opted to skip the toddler bed and go straight into a twin size bed. I figured it would be pointless to get a toddler bed (since her crib doesn't convert) just to get a twin size bed in another year or two.
So, we purchased this adorable little twin bed from Pottery Barn Kids! We purchased it this past Friday and it just came in today! The great thing is, we got it on sale for $200 off and free shipping!!!

We also purchased PBK bedding for her new bed, although it was discontinued. I had my eye on this particular bedding for a little while, then by the time we had enough saved up to by the bed and bedding, it was discontinued. This is where my good friend, eBay, comes in!

I was able to find the bedding (twin quilt, and matching pillow sham) at almost half the price it would have been had PBK still had it in stock! I did get the turtle sheets from PBK as they were also on sale in the clearance category. We got an extra twin sheet set while at Target last week, so now all we need is a mattress and 2-3 mattress covers. I'm hoping the money saved will cover most, if not all of the cost of a mattress. Hopefully we'll find a good one on sale!

Guy got his first black eye today. He has had a pastime of whopping his head against random objects. Seriously, he swings his head around like a giraffe does sometimes. Have you ever seen giraffes do that?

Anyway, he was slinging his head around something fierce today and smacked right into the corner of the laptop that was on the seat of the couch. He cried for less than a minute because I scooped him up and kissed on him, gave him his Scentsy frog and he forgot all about his injury. It wasn't until he got up from his nap it started getting puffy, red and starting to bruise under his eye. It seemed like it had gone down just before bedtime so hopefully it will be gone by the weekend if not by tomorrow?

Guy has also become quite the expert on walking backwards. It's pretty strange because he still loses his footing from time to time and trips when he's walking forward. But, sometimes, he'll come out of nowhere, walking backwards like he's been doing it all his life, almost as if he's on rewind. He's also picked up speed as of lately when it comes to walking, he's practically running! I can't help but wonder if his feet are even touching the ground sometimes as briskly as he makes his way down the hallway. Haha

Happy Hump Day everybody!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Apron Sale!

As if I need another one...

Flirty Aprons is having a sale on select aprons in stock! I picked up this sexy little number and entered the coupon code SUGAR50 before checking out and it knocked off 50% along with the sale price!!!
I only paid 13.97 + shipping! :)

Had to share! Check it out for yourself. I'm not sure how long the coupon code will be good for, but if you're able to take advantage of it, let me know what you get!

Edited to add: My friend Jacy pointed out a little detail that I left out, that the coupon code only works on the apron pictured above. Other aprons are marked down for the sale. Thanks Jacy!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

An idea I borrowed from my dear friend and fellow blogging mama, Christina! On a day (or week) when it seems like so many things go haywire, it helps to look at the silver lining and be thankful.

1. I'm thankful that I can stay home with my kids. This time is short, it's trying on my patience, sometimes sticky and gross; but it's short... and beautiful. Once it's gone and they're grown up, there's no getting this time back.

2. Although I complain from time to time about how small our house is, I'm glad we have it. It's good shelter, in a safe neighborhood. I'm sure if I were to get around to cleaning and reorganizing like I would like to, the house would seem a little bit roomier. Time to make that happen.

3. I'm thankful that we have no credit card debt. I straight up recommend Dave Ramsey for anyone looking to becoming debt free.

3. Yesterday, my friend Kely, the kids, and I made an afternoon date and went to Target. I'm proud to say that Kay conquered her fears and walked around the store with us the entire time. Kay has shown signs of anxiety when going outside and into public places by not wanting to walk around on her own. She had what seemed like a panic attack in the middle of our driveway one afternoon when I tried to get her to hold my hand and walk to the front door from our vehicle. Something scares her about walking outside to where she literally gets under me in a panic, pulling at me as if she could climb me like a tree. I'm pretty sure Eric's car is what scares her...
I'm thankful that my little girl took one little baby step toward conquering her fears while we were at Target. And I am equally thankful for Kely spending her time with us that day and always giving me a hand when I need it.

4. Lightning struck our house today and fried our router, knocking out the internet.
Heavy rain had come out of nowhere and it poured for a few minutes, thundering from time to time. All of the sudden a bright light flashed through all the windows and we heard a loud POP! K and D looked at me as if to say, "What was that Mommy?". And I instantly shot up to make sure there wasn't a fallen tree or damage anywhere, made a call to Eric because he was still at work.
Everything was fine and we are okay! I am totally thankful for the fact that, even though I really wanted the internet at that time, that was all that it had took from us. No fire, no trees falling on top of the house, just a cooked router. I'm also thankful for my tech-savvy hubby, he got the internet back up for me even though the router is no good. We are now able to resume regular internet activity

5. I'm thankful for both my kids and their personalities. Comparatively, they are like night and day, but it works for us. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad Kay is the gorgeous, sweet, nurturing, free spirited little girl that I've always dreamed of. And I am thankful that Guy is the handsome, logical, rough and tumble little man that I'd always dreamed of having. Both are humorous and fun-loving, both make me so proud. Even though the few months between their arrivals wasn't exactly planned out, I wouldn't go back to change it for anything. God heard my prayers for twins (while I was pregnant with Kay), yet he gave me one child at a time--in less than a year! I think that was God's way of saying "Here ya go Tracy, humor me." So thankful that my kids are mine and most of all that they are happy, healthy and cared for.

6. I am very thankful for my hard working, loving and faithful husband. He goes through it all each day while he's at work. Then once he gets home, it's round 2. He is the best father, husband and friend. I am so glad to have a family with him, as well as the opportunity that he has given me to be an at-home mom because of all of his hard work. God has blessed us to share our lives with one another and to bring two beautiful children into the world to share their lives with us. I'm thankful to have my family with Eric and my trust in him as my husband. And I am beyond thankful to have my faith and trust in God to bring us together and keep us together as a loving family. "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."