Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Celebrating 10 years

April 24th, Eric and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. I can't believe how far we have come, and how much we have grown together.

He makes me laugh, he makes me cry--mostly because I'm laughing so hard.

He believes in me. He supports me, no matter what my crazy ideas and wild dreams may be.

Our gifts were simple. We're trying to save money, and really it's not about a material item that will clutter up our house even more than it is. It's about each other. And, we agreed that we would do something nice for each other, as opposed to going out and buying something for each other.

He surprised me with a delivery of my favorite flowers. I surprised him with an original painting.

We budgeted and saved so that we could have a weekend celebration. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (nothing fancy, but nice enough because we rarely do "sit-down" restaurant dinners with two kids), and since we're fortunate to live about 40 miles from the beach, we rented a condo for the weekend.

We walked the pier and browsed the shops, picked some souviniers and a thank you gift for my mom for keeping Kay and Guy during the weekend. One thing I strive to do when on vacation, is to dine at local restaurants, avoid the franchises. Like I told Eric, we can go to Arby's while we're at home.

We walked the shore of the private beach, picking up shells and avoiding washed up jellyfish along the way. Guess who forgot her camera.

We had a beautiful beach view from our little balcony.This sunset was the moment that Eric and I decided that we would retire to a little beach town.
After the sunset, we met some friends for drinks downtown. It was such a fun night!

Finally, it was time to go. And that's exactly what I didn't want to do.

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