Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reclaiming Guy's Room

I'm very excited that Guy will be getting his room back soon! It was an office before his arrival. After his arrival, it was a hybrid of office/toy room/his room and I've always felt bad about that. Now it is a play room while he and Kay share her room. When he was two years old, she would sneak into his crib with him in the wee hours of the morning and wake him up to play. It was sweet, but it was also too dang early.

So, we put his big-boy bed together and now they are sharing her room.

Since Guy came so soon after Kay (less than 11 months), we didn't get to prepare very well, and I know that's a lame excuse. I have always felt bad about not giving him his room or having it ready for his arrival. He never really had his room. It was never ready. Now, it will be. And he is very excited to be a part of the process! It's time for me to stop feeling guilty, and start getting busy.

We had to move both their dressers into the play room to make room for two beds in Kay's room.

And the toys... oh man the toys. I'm not looking forward to splitting these down the middle. Prior to the pics I had already filled up one large box to sell at my next yard sale. Toys that they haven't even missed.

First thing's first: Paint! I let Guy pick the color he wanted his room to be. He picked his favorite color, green. I went with a light sage-like green to keep a cool tone for the beach "theme" I try to carry throughout our home.

To cover up the crayon marks I chose a paint & primer in one. I typically use Behr Premium Ultra. But, since Lowe's is a lot closer to our home I chose to try out the Valspar Reserve. It cost a little more, but I saved myself a 30 minute drive. I leaned more toward the middle shade, "Paris Mint", but Guy picked the darker shade, "Belle Grove Moss", so that's what we went with. Radar even likes it, and he's a jerk.

Tomorrow, we begin painting!

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