Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Turning negatives into positives

This past month, I suffered through some emotional turmoil brought on by hormones. You can fill in the blanks on that. Not trying to get too personal but I go through phases from month to month. I either get depressed or turn into a monster. Most months I crave chocolate. And by chocolate I mean chocolate fudge cake with chocolate chips, covered in a gallon of dark chocolate ganache. There have been a few times, though, where I craved savory food, like sushi, bruschetta, and crunchy tacos dripping with taco sauce, all in one sitting of course.

A couple weeks ago, I was not excused from enduring the wrath of mother nature which brought on the depression, the b*tchyness, and ultimately caused me to shut down one afternoon.

Could I see that I had such a good husband who sees me go through this month after month? Could I cherish my precious children? Could I be thankful for the nice car in the driveway or the decent roof over my head? Shamefully, no. But deep in my heart I knew better than to feel that way.

So, in that moment, I grabbed the canvas and began rendering a visual of what I felt in my heart. No laundry was done that day, just painting, in between helping the kids and fixing dinner.  I was not proud of the pity I had brought upon myself that day, and with each brush stroke I put it to rest. The result is something I am proud of.

I present to you, "Sorrow".

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