About Me

My name is Tracy, married to Eric for 10 years, mom to "Kay" (girl, 5 years) and "Guy" (boy, 4 years), blogging since 2010 with a little break over the past year or so. I'm back, and looking forward to recording my journey of personal growth, finding my niche, and inspiration for beach living. It's not just a mom blog anymore! Thanks for visiting. Here is a little bit more about me:

I'm a dabbler.
Art, cooking, baking, photography, home decorating/renovating, and taking online courses once the kids start school later this year. I enjoy learning more of what interests me, and doing more of what I'm passionate about.

I love the beach.
My ultimate dream is to live the rest of my days on oceanfront property, listening to the waves, smelling the salt in the air. Meanwhile, I try to incorporate a cool, relaxing beach theme throughout our home, little by little.

I'm an introvert.
I don't think I've always been this way. I've found that as I have gotten older, I've become more of a homebody. I don't go out of my way to interact when I don't have to, because, you know, people. I'm not going to waste my energy if I don't have to, especially when I could use that energy towards my family, friends, ambitions, hobbies...you know, things I actually like.

I have cats.
Radar is a spastic jerk. His special talent is looking cute only when he's sleeping. Jack is a fuzzy little piece of my heart. His special talent is gobbling like a turkey.

I work.
Some people call it being a "stay-at-home-mom" and I cannot let that label slip out of my mouth without cringing a little inside. I'm a mom. I'm a homemaker. So, yeah, I work. At home and away from home. I also hear, "So you don't have a job?" On the contrary, I have lots of jobs, because there isn't a shortage of things to do. Moms wear lots of hats! I'm very fortunate that my husband works very hard and provides for us to where I don't have to be employed.

I love chocolate.
Especially in the form of cakes and cookies.

I'm a Believer.
As in GOD, and the power of prayer. I'm also open minded. We don't have to agree 100% on everything, and it's not up to me to judge. Just know that God loves you right where you are, and He would love to hear from you.

**My artwork and photography is available for purchase in various prints. Thank you for supporting the arts, and an extra THANK YOU for supporting me to provide for my family. Artwork and photography by Tracy Settles via Fine Art America